Realizing they hadn’t ever done an actual Noona Romance episode, the gals get together to talk about what is a Noona Romance, why do they like them, and what shows they’ve enjoyed with Older Lady Younger Fella pairings. Which of these Noona Romance Asian Dramas should you check out? Listen to find Out!

As a Note, we had to cut parts of this episode out due to developing strike rules to omit any dramas we mentioned that are on streaming services currently refusing to pay their workers a fair wage. We apologize for any choppiness in the edit or seemingly uneven talk time, as we recorded before the developing worker strike actions.

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro

00:01:27 Our Namesake

00:03:44 What is a Noona Romance?

00:20:39 The Dramas in Question

00:55:40 Quicker Mentions

  • Last Cinderella
  • Why Her (Viki)
  • Secret Love Affair (Viki)
  • Like for Likes
  • Animals (Viki)
  • Viva Femina (Iqiyi)

01:04:52 Outro

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By Natalia