The Noonas are back with another what we’re watching episode, though admittedly they may not be quite as prolific on their watching due to several elements outside of their control. What Asian Dramas have they been checking out in the heat of the summer? Any they think you should check out? Listen to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro & What’s been Going on

00:14:41 Library Wars (Movie and Anime)

00:23:44 To the Moon and Back

00:31:14 Will you Let me Love you with All my Heart

00:41:49 Love in a Loop (IQIYI)

00:50:50 Why Her? (Viki)

01:00:04 To Ship Someone (IQIYI, Viki)

01:07:20 Revolutionary Girl Utena (Crunchyroll)

01:14:07 Numbers (Viki, Kocowa)

01:24:39 Speed Roundup:

01:47:47 Outro

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By Natalia