A true struggle went into the recording of this episode about Jessie’s favourite ever drama, but it was all worth it because she and Natalia got to do a lovefest about why you should watch this KDrama about an Actress, A Cop, and his Serial Killer father, Come and Hug Me. Listen to find out what makes it special to them, why they recommend it, and who they think should watch it.

Apologies for some sound issues- we had technical problems during the recording! 

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro and the Comedy of Errors

00:04:42 Getting into Come and Hug Me

00:18:27 Sins of the Father

00:31:22 Journalistic Dichotomy

00:34:45 Why we Love It (Also if you want to watch Midnight)

00:47:27 This Would Never Happen

00:53:02 Final Thoughts

00:54:47 Outro

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By Natalia