It’s that time of the month, your favourite episode and ours: What we’re watching! This month we’ve got simps, we’ve got confused gays, we’ve got evil spirits and food! Listen to find out what Dramas we’ve been enjoying and perhaps find a new show to add to your watch list.

Time Codes: 

00:00:00 Intro

00:02:08 Old Miss Diary

00:10:30 Healing Food, Healing Love

00:19:43 Naughty Babe

00:29:34 M

00:39:56 The Undateables

00:51:02 Casting a Spell to You

01:01:18 My Personal Weatherman

01:12:59 A Third Finger Offered to a King

01:22:10 Sky’s Speed Round

01:25:48 Amanda’s Speed Round

01:29:41 Natalia’s Speed Round

01:42:25 Jessie’s Speed Round

01:48:45 Outro

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By Natalia