Jessie and Natalia got together to watch a horror show from 1994 that Kocowa just released for the streaming age, and have some THOUGHTS about it. What is “M” all about, and is it a show you should check out? Listen to find out!

Time Codes

00;00;00 Intro
00;01;42 How we came to Experience M
00;04;52 The Story of M
00;11;50 Failing at it’s Goals
00;15;47 We Need to Know
00;18;23 The Funniest Scene Ever Made (part 1)
00;21;40 A Missed Angle
00;24;12 Credit where Credit is Due
00;25;13 M Pops Off
00;27;21 A campy fever dream
00;32;28 A… Romance?
00;37;03 The Funniest Scene ever Made (Part 2)
00;44;00 They never had a Baby though?
00;44;51 Really trying not to Offend
00;49;02 We wish we had Context
00;50;38 The Watching Experience
00;55;18 Final Thoughts
01;00;45 Outro

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By Natalia