It’s the beginning of Pride Month and you know what that means- the BL Roundup is back! What Asian BL shows did the Noonas watch over the past year that you might want to check out? Listen to find out!

Time Codes

00:00:00 Intro
00:01:52 Chatting about BL
00:02:46 Middleman’s Love
00:05:51 Love Tractor
00:07:54 Personal Weatherman
00:14:55 Only Friends
00:17:19 Our Dining Table
00:22:10 I Told the Sunset About You
00:25:34 Meow Ears Up
00:28:53 Sky’s BL Vibes – Joseon Chef & Baby Vampire Blues
00:35:53 Stay with Me
00:37:47 Natalia’s Tier Lists
00:38:55 You can Pass on These – Dinosaur Love, Venus in the Sky
00:41:30 Natalia’s Must Watch – Love for Love’s Sake, Unknown, If it’s With you, Deep Night, PitBabe
00:45:22 Amanda Does BL Anime – Yuri on Ice, Dakaichi, One Piece
00:50:58 Outro

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By Natalia